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    Report data doesnt match live data


      So I made a report a few weeks ago to see any PCs that hadnt contacted SPM in over 2 weeks.  I went and ran it today and thought some of the PCs listed were odd since I knew they were on and contacting so I checked the report against the live data and its totally off.  Any clue whats going on here?


      7-8-2015 11-16-13 AM.jpg


      Here is the report details

      7-8-2015 11-15-33 AM.jpg

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          The reports under  Reporting -> Configuration Management -> Computer (General) are pulling information from the Patch Manager database that was put in there during a WMI-based hardware/software Inventory task.

          The information being presented in the 'real-time-if-you-refresh it' view (your top screenshot) is directly querying the WSUS server for that information.


          It seems likely that you haven't run an Inventory task against that machine recently and therefore there is some discrepancy in the times.