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    OID in IP Monitor



      First sorry for my bad english.

      We run IP Monitor in our company. To consult the temperature in the technical room we run a temperature sensor(HWg-STE www.hw-group.com). This is not supported by IP Monitor. Here the details and parameters of the Sensor.


      HWg-STE SNMP OID description

      System Values:
      .             System Description   (string)
      .             System ObjectID      (objid)
      .             System UpTime        (timeticks)
      .             System Contact       (string)
      .             System Name          (string)
      .             System Location      (string)
      .             System Services      (integer)
      .  System MAC address   (string)

      Sensors Values, (n = 1..x)
      . Sensor Index         (integer,  NUM  (1..x))
      . Sensor Name          (string,   SIZE (0..16))
      . Sensor State         (integer,  0=Invalid, 1=Normal, 2=OutOfRangeLo, 3=OutOfRangeHi, 4=AlarmLo, 5=AlarmHi)
      . Sensor String Value  (string,   SIZE (0..10))
      . Sensor Value         (integer,  current value *10)
      . Sensor SN            (string,   SIZE (0..16))
      . Sensor Unit          (integer,  0=unknown, 1=°C, 2=°F, 3=°K, 4=%)
      . Sensor ID            (integer,  NUM (0..x))

      When I'm working with the selling parameters, I get every few minutes an alarm, otherwise it reads the data. Can anyone help to set the right OID Parameters?