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    CISCO WLC 5508 Transfer Upload Start


      Whenever i try to run a Device.Backup.TFTP on any of my 5508 wireless LAN controllers i get the following error 'Did not receive expected response to command: transfer upload start' I suspect that this issue is caused by a timeout, as whenever i run this task manually it takes around 2 minutes to complete the TFTP transfer. To overcome this i used the following alternative list of commands:

      config paging disable

      transfer upload mode tftp

      transfer upload datatype config

      transfer upload serverip *.*.*.*

      transfer upload path /

      transfer upload filename %ctDeviceName.txt

      %ctUM: Timeout 150

      transfer upload start


      These settings remove the error although cause another problem - it stops cattools from comparing the newly transferred file and the existing file on the disk. The ending result leaves the newly transferred file sitting in the TFTP directory. Does anyone know how to fix this?