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    Custom Neflow Report - single interface multiple IP ranges


      Hi guys,


      Basically we are doing historical reporting (usually monthly) and haven't found a way to create a report from either report writer or the web GUI report creator and need help to find out if what we want is actually possible.

      We have all traffic from a single customer coming in a interface on our firewall. we currently can get traffic stats from that interface for total traffic, peak and average.

      We currently do live queries from the netflow --> Protocols tab. Once there we select the interface from the netflow sources and then filter out using the flow navigator. Most times it is only changing the conversations or endpoint filters to different IP addresses. we have around 30 different filters for different applications talking to one another that we go through. is it possible to put this all in a report that is created monthly. We only care about the total traffic and not really the different protocols


      Example below:


      Filter A

      Interface 1

      time : monthly

      Conversation: a.a.a.a - b.b.b.b


      Filter B

      Interface 1

      time : monthly

      Conversation: a.a.a.a - c.c.c.c


      Filter C

      Interface 1

      time : monthly

      endpoint: a.a.a.a or b.b.b.b or c.c.c.c


      Cheers in advance

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          yes, it's possible.

          If you Add New Report you can build report on Custom table, you will probably want to report it on Netflow Flow History.

          You can define your filter, you will probably want IngressInterfaceID is equal to your interfaceID and e.g. SourceIP equal to a.a.a.a and DestinationIP equal to b.b.b.b.

          Then you can Edit table to see exactly what you wanted to see. I'm using SourceIP, DestinationIP and then Bytes and Packets in 1000 B (Data Unit selector) in Sum (maybe sort by Bytes etc.)

          Also you wanted to have it on Last 30 days. I think rest you will easily edit by yourself.


          More info you can reach from help - SolarWinds Online Help.