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    Database latency issues due to an unknown query

    Gerald Bonus

      We've been having db latency issues on NPM v10.7 where the polling delays build up at any time of the day. We've seen it build up during business hours (most of the time) or in the middle of the night and weekends (off hours and not during schedule DB maintenances).  I've also noticed a lot of issues with db maintenance completing or running at all for that matter.

      I have raised a case with Solarwinds and was supposedly assigned one of the top engineers but the solution being recommended is upgrading to 11.5.2 which if fairly recent and seem to still have bugs.

      Has anyone seen of come across the same issue?

      NPM version is v10.7.  I can't and will not upgrade to 11.5.2 due to current issues with it.

      We've picked up this query (AppInsite) running against a table with 80 million records.

      SELECT MAX(Percentile) AS Percentile FROM (SELECT TOP 95 PERCENT AvgResponseTime AS Percentile

      From ResponseTime


      (DateTime >= @startTime AND DateTime <= @endTime)

      ORDER BY AvgResponseTime ASC) DERIVEDTBL

      Thanx.  Any insight appreciated.