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    SNMP poll on non default snmp port 161




      I would like to request for your support on this.


      I am having problem adding a device which runs SNMP on port 8001. The polling fails.



      In the captured trace on Orion side I can see two UPD pkgs with the destination port marked as vcom-tunnel.

      Based on IANA port assignments this seems ok.



      In the trace there is clearly a udp pkg going from Orion to destination device and a udp "response" coming back in.

      However the polling does not succeed.



      Is there some extra configuration I need to do on Orion side besides entering the actual port number in the SNMP Port field?

      Based on below instructions, it should be straight forward.



      Any chance that Orion does not "understand" the response because it is not coming from not default port 8001?


      I have no problem adding devices to NPM which run on default SNMP 161.


      In this case there is clearly a  get-request and a get-response message.

      I believe the reason I see clearly SNMP protocol messages is because of wireshark settings.


      SW version: Orion NPM 11.5.


      Thank you




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          Hi there,

          Is the trace source IP the same IP as the polling engine Orion is using?

          Are you sure the device communicates SNMP through port 8001?

          Did you try to change the SNMP version from the default selected v2c to v1?

          Some older devices don't register within 64bit counters. Try switching to 32 as well.

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            Many thanks for your prompt reply.

            I have already checked all points you mention, I am certain about the polling engine, 8001 is definitely the snmp port for the destination device, I ve tried v2c and v1, 64bit and 32bit. I have also checked with customer support of end device and they insist on 8001. I will check again, in the meantime let me know if you have any other idea.

            Is there maybe a log I can see on Orion side that verifies for example that "udp message received from x.x.x.x and it is rejected for x reason".


            Many thanks


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                Is natting being used and or is there a firewall between the two?

                Logs won't help much here. You'll need to create a support ticket for this.

                You could also try doing an snmp walk against the node.


                Go to :\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\ and launch snmpwalk.exe

                Fill out the fields and start a scan to see if you can communicate.


                May we know what type of the device,model,firmware the target node is?

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                I think Orion tries to query for the sysobjectid OID ( when adding a new device and if it doesn't get a valid response back, it says polling has failed.


                To check what the device sends back in response to Orion, you can right click on the UDP packet in Wireshark, select decode as, choose SNMP and click ok.


                This should show the SNMP packet exchange between Orion and the device. You can see the response from the device and check that it is a valid response and not an error message.



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                    Thanks so much lekeosi11 and Deltona!

                    Your input really helps.

                    Indeed when I decode the UDP response msg, I get:



                    Do you think this is received as error from Orion? There is not a clear error message but it could be that Orion does not like it in any case.

                    Any idea if I can check whether Orion supports "noSuchObject" OID response?


                    snmpwalk towards this device also shows the same:


                    #  /usr/sfw/bin/snmpwalk -v 2c -c public sysLocation.0

                    SNMPv2-MIB::sysLocation.0 = No Such Object available on this agent at this OID


                    Many thanks


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                        Hello again,


                        It looks like the SNMP agent on the device you are polling doesn't support SNMPv2-MIB. Orion will treat the response (nosuchObject) as an error message and say polling has failed.


                        What type of device are you trying to poll?


                        Could there be an SNMP access list/view on the device that restricts what MIBs you can poll using a default community string?


                        One workaround would be to add the device into Orion using the Status Only: ICMP polling method. Afterwards, you can edit the node and change the polling type to SNMP.


                        Please note that you will only have limited/or no SNMP information available in Orion if the device doesn't support SNMPv2-MIB.


                        Polling for things like custom pollers should still work.



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                            Thanks a lot lekeosi, I ve already contacted the vendor of the device that I am unable to poll and raised these questions.

                            According to their documentation, this device supports SNMPv2 and v3 with public community string. No access list exists, only a simple configuration for orion IP:162 so as for the device to know where to send the traps.


                            Many thanks again!