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    DameWare and WHD


      Okay, I must be missing something pretty basic.  We have DameWare 11.2 and WHD 12.2.  What is the trick to getting the DW integration to work? I have the DW links enabled on both assets and techs.  When I click on the icon next to the asset it just goes to a black webpage:


      Firefox can't find the file at Firefox can't find the file at dwrcc://**.**.*.**?assetID=691&whdEndPoint=http://ithelpdesk/helpdesk/WebObjects/Helpdesk.woa/ra.




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          Download CustomURL and install it on the tech machines, that is what links the dwrcc:// links to Dameware

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              I did try that and ran into issues. So, I did more reasech and found this from the SolarWinds Knowledge Base. The part in red is what made me stop and ask.



              Integrating DameWare and Web Help Desk


              DameWare and Web Help Desk integrate natively as of DameWare version 11.1 and Web Help Desk version 12.2.

              For older versions of DameWare and Web Help Desk, follow these steps to integrate DameWare Mini Remote Control (MRC) into Web Help Desk:

              1. Install Dameware on each technician’s computer.
              2. Download and install CustomURL on each technician’s computer.
                Note: If you are using Windows 7, see the DameWare/Web Help Desk Integration product blog on thwack for help on including CustomURL, as it cannot be in %SYSTEM32%
              3. Open CustomURL and click Add.
                1. Protocol: DWRCC (suggested)

                2. Application: C:\Program Files\DameWare Development\DameWare Mini Remote Control\DWRCC.exe (your install folder may vary).
                3. Arguments: -c -h -m:%Host% -u:myUserName -p:myPassword -d:myDomainName     
                  Additional arguments may be found here:
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                  All that is different is that Dameware v11.1 sets the arguments automatically on installation, but you still need to install customurl.


                  One thing to note as well is the arguments used are slightly different in 11.1 from the previous version and the ones above will not work with 11.1 and greater.


                  I would remove dameware and the arguments from customurl, the reinstall dameware to let it set the correct ones

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                The only setting that should need to be enabled is the "DameWare Integration Links Enabled" option under Setup -> Assets -> Options.


                If the DameWare Mini Remote Control (or DameWare Remote Support - whichever the Tech is using) was previously an older version, I'd reckon it is possible that it is not recognizing the integration.  As a test I would choose one of your Techs' machines and uninstall/reinstall the DRS or MRC software and see if that resolves it (without CustomURL installed on that box).   If that doesn't resolve it, I'd open a support case.