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    Display approved update summaries by group with group members listed




      I'm trying to modify the built in report named :Approved Update summaries by computer group".  I want to run the report, be prompted for a group name, and the report should display all members of the group with details for each update per computer.  Is this an easy modification?  Do I need to add all computers above and then filter by group?  I've not had much luck so far. 


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          So i believe you can do either group summaries or detailed info for individual computers, but not both in the same report.    It sounds like you might be looking for something like this:


          I named this report:    "Computer Update Status for selected WSUS Target Groups".

          All of these fields are from the Computer Update Status with Approval Information Datasource:


          In the top part (report definition):

               Group Memberships    

               Computer Name

               Name (Update Server)

               Update Title

               Update Installation State (Friendly Name)

               Update Approval Action (Friendly Name)

               Domain or Workgroup (Update Server)


          In the bottom part (filter criteria):

               Group Memberships     contains     Prompt: Please enter the WSUS Target Group Name



          Note: when you run it and type the (part of) the group name you wish to report on, you have to click OK twice for the report to run. Not sure why, but it's a thing. 


          When i run it, here is the prompt for "group name contains":

          2015-06-29 14_34_46- - Remote Desktop Connection.png


          and here is what the report results will show; this could now be exported to Excel, or you could group by Computer Nmae or Update Title in the results pane by dragging those column header(s) up to the dark grey area right above the column headers:

          2015-06-29 14_36_31- - Remote Desktop Connection.png