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    DPA HELP With O/S Memory Utilization Critical Warning (What to do when this is HIGH and Memory Paging Rate is NOT HIGH)


      On the RESOURCES tab is a metric titled 'O/S Memory Utilization(%) which has the description: Percent of memory being utilized for the entire system (includes all instances on this machine). If this is high and the Memory Paging Rate metric is high, you may need to increase the amount of physical RAM in the server, reduce the load on the server and/or change the server memory configuration accordingly. Run sp_configure and review settings for "max server memory" and "min server memory" to determine amount of memory SQL Server is allocated. What is not discussed is what you should do if the O/S Memory Utilization is HIGH and the Memory Paging Rate is NOT HIGH.  Is that because you can ignore O/S Memory Utilization if the Memory Paging Rate is not high or is this still something to investigate and the metrics info just does not mention this? Thanks