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    Cisco 9k Series routers and CBQOS


      Has anyone had luck getting this to work? I am having incredibly inconsistent results. I added one node a few days ago and there had not been any data populating on the graphs until today. It also intermittently reports really strange mbps values. It will show 900mbps ingress and 15mbps egress, then a few minutes later it might be showing 10mbps ingress and 800mbps egress. I know the values are incorrect, there is consistantly about 1gbps going through the link i am monitoring, as confirmed by others tools.


      I added a second node this morning, and it just wont display anything on the CBQOS at all. not even a blank graph.


      On the 9ks, i added these commands (along with policy maps on the interfaces):


      snmp-server mibs cbqosmib persist

      snmp-server ifindex persist

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          Hi sbeauchamp,

          About the node which gives you no CBQoS data - does the node have some active QoS policies on interfaces which you monitor? And did you enable CBQoS collection for them in NTA's manage sources? If your answer is yes on both, I suggest to open support ticket, it would require deeper investigation.

          As for the first question - those values are not far off, could it be that other tools gives you longer term average, while values from NTA oscillate around that?