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    Restart Service in the New Alert (web) Creator


      Hi Guys


      Apologies in advance if this is a dumb question.


      I have been trying to get an alert to trigger a range of services to restart if the go down.


      Now some guides are saying there was an option in the Advanced Alert Centre, but I was lead to believe that this is not used any more after the lasted upgrade. Since then I have been using the integrated web-based Alert creator.


      I setup the Alert to trigger an external program using the "APMServiceControl.exe." and using the "${ComponentId}"  variable to pass the ID to the string, but it seems to not be a valid variable in Solarwinds any more?


      Can any one point me in the right direction?


      Many Thanks





      Article I followed:



      Alert Command String:

      APMServiceControl.exe ${ComponentId} -c=Restart

      APMServiceControl.exe ${{ComponentId}} -c=Restart

      Note: It does work if I manly put in the ID number


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