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    Uninstall Softare


      I would like to uninstall software on our system.  Can Patch Manager help with a mass uninstall of a software?

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          Patch Manager can uninstall .MSI-based software from a single machine or from a group of machines (WSUS Patching group / OU / domain / SCCM collection / Patch Manager Computer Group).   The uninstall does not work for .EXE-based software though.

          To do it, you would want to identify a given machine that has the specific software/version that you wish to remove.   Left-click that machine to select it, then right-click it and Launch Computer Explorer.  Go to the Installed Software tab and select the specific line item for the software you want to remove.  On the upper right there is an "uninstall" option which will launch a wizard.   When you go through the wizard it will target the one machine, but you have the option to scope it out to a larger group by using the "select computers using rules" option.


          If you are using WSUS, you can take an action against an update:  "Approve for Removal"  which will use WSUS' native removal capability to uninstall it...but the update has to support it (and only some do).