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    NTA - Sources per Engine


      Hi guys,


      You have 70+ NetFlow Sources sending in flows to a bunch of Additional Polling Engines.
      You are challenged with finding out which Source is sending flow to which Engine.

      Two ways of doing this:


      1. Log in to each NetFlow Source and go through config to figure out which IP it is sending flows to.

      2. Using Orion NTA


      I would rather avoid having to go through option 1 but as I see it, it is the only option i have since these details aren't presented in Orion NTA.

      I'd like to be proven wrong here


      The closest i can get to usable information is the data found in the NetFlowEnginesStatistics table. This gives me an idea about how taxed my Engines are based on flows per second.

      Question is whether i can get the information I'm after in some other way perhaps?