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    When will we start seeing emulation of Cisco switches?


      I have heard that because of the nature of ASCI, emulation is very difficult if not impossible. Why is this?

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          I think the term you are looking for is ASIC, which is to say that the reason emulating Cisco hardware with general purpose processors is that Cisco, for most of their product line, uses custom hardware to maximize the efficiency of the types of tasks they do.  In many cases this means that you can't just simulate their code because the code will be calling to a built in function of the chips that has no equivalent on a generic chip, so then you have to reverse engineer what that bit of silicon is supposed to do, write commands to get a similar result, hope that you can run that fast enough to fool the rest of the ios, and hope that you dont run into any edge cases that bring the whole thing crashing down. Tricky business.  Similar to the kinds of things that made it so you couldn't believably emulate many PlayStation games until the general purpose processors were running at 4x the speed of the chips they were trying to reproduce.