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    At a Lose


      Ok sorry if this is a double post but I don't see my original one... So I am trying to use Network Atlas to show the link utilization between a set of port channels on a Fusion Router and the corresponding VLAN connections on a 6509 VSS chassis... it looks something like this:




      So in NPM the devices show up just fine and the port channels / VLAN connections also show up just fine... the issue is if I drop these into a Network Atlas map and try "Connect Now" nothing connections. If I do "manual connections" I get something like the image where is says the hyperlink is automatically generated yet nothing shows up for link speed or utilization... thoughts?

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          In Atlas, lower left of screen is Connection Display Options.  Is "Don't Show additional info "selected ? 

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              No, I can select either show Link Speed or Link Utilization and nothing appeared... on a side note I redid the map and now everything shows up but I can't get the guys on the Network side to fess up to any changes they made... odd...

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              To create a dynamic interface utilisation on the map - do the following:


              1. Add label (works with interface, as well as with line connecting interfaces)

              2. Paste the following into label > save

              ${Inbps} (${InPercentUtil})

              ${Outbps} (${OutPercentUtil})

              *** In Network Atlas you will still see variables on the map, but when you open map in browser - you will get actual utilisation values