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    Filtering out multiple items


      I'm in the process of creating a filtered version of the "All Events" filter in the Monitor tab. I'm trying to filter out certain things that I don't want to see, but am having an issue. As you can see from the attached screenshot, I have 5 items that I don't want to see. The problem occurs when I add the "InternalNewToolData.EventInfo" does not equal "Unmatched*". When I add that particular item, the filter shows no results. If I remove it, it works just fine. I also notice that warning message at the top, and found this article:

      SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: Filters with an AND relationship between conditions with different alert types do not retur…


      But changing the outermost group to OR causes nothing to get filtered, and the alert conditions are already in their own groups. What am I doing wrong here?