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    Operational Handover of Solarwinds


      Hi Everyone


      I'm a PM that's been charged with the implementation of Solarwinds but haven't had much experience with System Monitoring Tools.


      The implementation is complete, but nothing has been solutioned around how it will be managed moving forward, things such as:

      • Who will manage configuring new monitoring requirements?
      • What happens with alerts that are generated? Who gets notified? Ownership? Workflows to notify/action?
      • Can new alerts be created via questionnaire or an excel spreadsheet with specific fields? Is it that simple? Or do all new alerts need to be scoped between the server owner and an Engineer?
      • Do you allow Devs access to create their own monitoring tasks? Or do you keep these under a Helpdesk service?


      I'm wondering if there's a best practice guide available and any artefacts that could help me put this together


      Thanks in advance