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    Getting access to Windows log files on Siemens PCU50 running restricted WinXP


      Does anyone know if it is possible to use LEM to monitor events on restricted Windows XP device.

      The device is a PCU50 from Siemens, and there are12 similar devices on our company LAN that act as HMI (human interface) for PLC (programmable logic controller) devices.

      These HMI's have been configured to restrict operators from gaining access to Windows OS menus. This unfortunately means that technical support staff are also blocked from viewing Windows Log files. The only way to get access is to re-boot the PCU50 device and break into the startup routine - so it is required to get some tool that allows for remove viewing of these log-files. This is obviously disruptive to the system and also moves us back into the sneaker.net era of having to physically visit computers

      I tried using "SolarWinds Event Log Consolidator"  to get remote access - but it fails to pass even the credentials verification test.

      so my questions are

      1. Does this software work for Win XP clients

      2. Is there anyone that has experience of working with consolidating log files from Siemens PCU50 devices?