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    "New Ticket" from tech side no longer points pointer in "First Name" field


      I could be crazy, maybe someone else can confirm this.  I thought about submitting this to Solarwinds support, but figured maybe it'd be better served here as I can't be 100% certain of how it used to be.


      From the tech interface, if you click New Ticket, prior to 12.3, I am fairly certain the active cursor was placed into the first name field.  This made tabbing to the last name or immediately typing first name very quickly.


      After 12.3, no cursor is placed, so tab tries to tab through all the top buttons.  It now takes 22 tabs to get to first name, which is obviously pointless


      Can anyone confirm that it used to put the cursor in first name automatically?  This is one of those things no one notices but once it changes, drives people like me, mad.