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    Happy ToolSet Story

    Kurt H

      The new web based version i feel is better then the old version that you had to install on a users workstation. It is very cumbersome having to update each persons software every time a new version comes out. With the web based version it is saving time by allowing use to just worry about upgrading the software on one server. The ability to access the tools that we need to use in one central location no matter where we are at or what computer we are on, is a very good added benefit for us. Now I no longer have to carry my Laptop around with me in order to use the tools on it to trouble shoot network problems. I can just access the web from wherever I am at. The tighter integration with the existing Orion tools makes it a lot easier in trouble shooting different parts of our network, without have too use a separate tool to add the same information into.Again it is all in one central location.