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    Max Port Usage by Day Report (Web-based)


      Hi guys,


      I'm trying to build a report in the new web based reports but it is proving to be more difficult, the more time i spend trying to figure it all out.

      What i'm trying to achieve is creating a report that will provide the following bits of information:


      Custom Property.Location | Node Name | Number of Ports Active/Up (Max)

      Time-based by Last 24 hours

      Grouped by CP.Location

      Sorted by # Active Ports Descending


      Basically, how many ports have been found to be active in the past 24 hours per Node, per CP.Location.



      Location                Node Name             Active Ports (Max)

      San Diego            SD-SW03.lab.com              12


      Any kind souls care to point me in the right direction?

      UDT v3.2.2



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          UDT still doesn't support the web-reporting so you need to use the old report writer for this.


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              Hi Peter,


              Thanks, that explains alot! Although i still need to create this report one way or the other, Report Writer is either missing selectable fields for UDT or the data i need just isn't there.

              I was using the UDT: Capacity report as baseline to build upon but can't select actual port count, only percentage of ports used.


              Here's what i got so far, though without Grouping by Custom Property or actual MAX Port Count.


              SELECT  TOP 10000 UDT_PortCapacity.NodeName AS NodeName,
              MAX(UDT_PortCapacity.PortPercentUsed) AS MAX_of_PortPercentUsed



              GROUP BY UDT_PortCapacity.NodeName


              I can't find the table UDT_PortCapacity


              I did find UDT_PortUsage_Daily, which is almost exactly what i need but with Max port count instead of AvgPortCount.


              Would it be possible to create this type of report?