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    Some help with wireless access points and MIB walks


      Hi there,


      bit of a long shot, but if anyone can help i would appreciate it. We use unifi wireless APs in all of our sites, and I would really like to use the wireless heatmaps, and be able to see who, and how many people are using our wireless networks via Solariwnds. Unfortunately - it doesn't look like Unifi have published their MIB - the APs have SNMP and are shown as wireless APs in solarwinds, and it displays the SSIDs of the networks - but no user information, range etc.


      The APs are detected as Frogfoot Networks (from Vendor information - and i can find this: FROGFOOT-RESOURCES-MIB - Ubiquiti Wiki) so was wondering if there is a way to find out if there are any MIBs in the current DB that i could use - and how i would go about creating a UDP for these? or if it is even possible?


      Any information or help would be great!