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    Is it Possible to track Netfix usage.


      I would like to track this.

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          AS2906 Netflix Streaming Services Inc. - ipinfo.io you can try to create an IP group with following ranges.

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            If you have DNS turned on, you should be resolving the traffic belonging to Netflix to their domain.  The setting for DNS is in the NTA settings (http://SERVERNAME/Orion/TrafficAnalysis/Admin/NetflowSettings.aspx) located under DNS and NetBIOS Resolution.  Do you have this enabled and turned on?  Is your Orion server able to resolve public DNS?



            By default, Orion NTA should have a resource displaying the top domains on the NTA Summary page.  If it doesn’t, make sure that is added to the view.  Then, if no names are resolving, you will need to verify first that your Orion server can resolve public domain names and second make sure that the Netflow Traffic Analyzer module is configured to resolve DNS.


            Once you verify that DNS is being resolved, you should be able pinpoint Netflix.com as a domain name in the resource on the summary page.  By clicking on the Netflix.com domain, you should see the endpoints communicating to and from this domain.


            Let me know if you have any questions.

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                Thank you for this.  I'd been wondering why my NTA views weren't showing domains.  It turned out that I DID have NTA Settings for DNS correctly configured, but my NTA Summary page didn't have the right resources added.


                Once I saw they were an option that was missing, I added Top XX Domains, Top XX Traffic Destinations by Domain, and Top XX Traffic Sources by Domain.


                Now I can see Facebook photos, Netflix streaming movies, Pandora streaming audio--all from Orion's NTA module.


                'Twas simple to fix--a mere matter of insufficient training caused it.  I'd expected most of the info I wanted to automatically be displayed right out of the box.  Poor SolarWinds--having to deal with me requiring them to read my mind . . .




                Rick S.