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    BIND and IPAM Issue


      Hi all,


      I'm trying to set up IPAM to manage my BIND (chroot) server on CentOS 6.5, but this error constantly appears when I try to add a DNS Zone: "Copying File to source path from temporary path is failed".


      The user that runs BIND is running as root and is in the root group as well. I have followed the steps listed in the knowledge base article: SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: IPAM Bind error 'Syntax Error in BIND configuration'.


      I have attached the debug log if it helps to determine the problem.


      Does anyone have solutions for this problem?


      Thank you.




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          I realize this is an old question, but I was running into the same problem.  After a lot of troubleshooting I finally figure it out.  The problem was the way IPAM is trying to 'backup' some of the files.  It issues the command:


               cp -r -u -f -b -S.backup -p "/tmp/SolarWinds/IPAM"/* "/"


          The "-p" option says to preserve timestamps and ownership.  This was failing because the user-id that IPAM was using was not the owner of the directories where some of the files existed.  If you manually run the command you will get something like:


               cp: failed to preserve ownership for `/etc/named.conf': Operation not permitted


          The problem is to use the -p option for a non-root user-id you have to own the file and, it seems, the directory it is located in.  Even if the user-id is in the root group, their user-id still must be the owner user-id.  In our case the directories were:


               /etc (this is where named.conf resides)


               /var/named (this is where all of our zone files resided)


          Once we set these folders to be owned by the IPAM user-id everything worked fine.