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    NPM Nodes with Public and Private IP Address shows Down and UP Respectively even when public IPs are Reachable and Operational


      Good Day Admin


      I am new to this blog or Forum, Please i need your assistance


      I saw a similar post to this issue I presently face in my network monitoring (see link Why nodes are showing down in solarwinds NPM even though the ips are reachable from my pc)


      Client use proxy server to access the internet in my network. It has been observed that our solar wind monitoring tool (NPM version 10.6.1) has suddenly start malfunctionning after it was recently upgraded from an older version to the newer version NPM v10.6.1. The issue it has is that it sees all nodes with public IP addresses as down even dough they are up/reachable and operational, while the private nodes with IP are up as usual on orion. Knowing that we use a proxy network I do confirm the reachability of this public nodes (edge router, firewall nodes) by remotely logging on to a PC with direct internet access to confirm that the public ip addresses are reachable and also confirmed ICMP Test successful in Orion by going to settings, Manage Nodes, select public node, and Edit property page. Pls find screen shot for scenarior clearification



      Please some one should help me with a solution on this issue as this has lead to wrong conclusion severally. Thank you.