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    Multicast monitoring


      I am having difficulties tweaking NPM to give me a correct and useful overview of my multicast traffic.

      Is this still being developed heavily, is it hard to make a simple multicast at-a-glance debug or is there already a way to make it useful within NPM :-)


      First problem is that Orion has detected and reported all Multicast traffic it found. Currently I am only interested in a few groups that are mission critical for us.

      So can I filter/organize my multicast groups. And also maybe choose what i want to monitor and what not (manage or un-manage state so to speak.)


      Second problem is that NPM is reporting nodes (yellow) because the group probably is pruned. The router is aware of it but not processing it.

      I have two central routers for redundancy. Those routers are running peering fro the multicast. Usually only one of them is actually forwarding the groups, the other is in standby.


      hope to get some tips and pointers to help me add multicast to the powerful Orion monitor/debug plug´n´play tool :-)


      - Oskar