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    Newbie here - Possible BSOD DameWare Virtual Keyboard Driver


      Yes I am a newbie... hope I am doing this right.

      I am using Dameware to help support CAD Users.

      I have DameWare version 9... and have put a request through to our IT dept to get upgraded to the most current version.

      I am investigating a Bluescreen Issue and possible connection to DameWare Virtual Keyboard Driver Version: built by: WinDDK.

      Question: Where can I go to see what version of Keyboard Drive is being being used on Computers that I visit with DMRC?

      What version of the Keyboard Driver is the latest?

      Thoughts as to the BSOD.  If you sort these crashes by date oldest to newest... the Keyboard Drive is very near the top.

      See attached html