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    Daemon error message


      Good Afternoon,


      Since last week I have been gettin ghte following error message pop up in the messages tab on the system:


      " No daemon activity dtected. Check that at least one instance of the application has been

        configured as a dedicated or background daemon.


        For Tomcat deployments, this is done with the WHDDaemonMode environment entry in

        web.xml. For details, see the README.txt file in the Web Help Desk program folder, or FAQ 103

        on the Web Help Desk support site"


      We are running a Redhat version of the system utilising a MySQL database backend


      This issue has apparently caused our system to stop ingesting e-mail into the system and if we restart the system it starts working again for a short period of time and then reoccurs again causing the email in the system to duplicate


      Any assistance in this one would be greatly appreciated