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    How would I determine if our organization uses a centralized server?


      We used to be able to DameWare MRC (V9) connect to other user's laptops using their ) username (same as W7 computer name) or the IP they currently have on the corporate VPN.


      Some times, if the user recently got on VPN, the username wouldn't work so the IP had to be used. (Likely something disseminating the username through the systems.)


      When the username used to work users connected using Cisco's VPN client.


      In late March corporate switched to use SSL VPN (Juniper Networks) and since then the username can't be used to access a user's laptop. Instead, only the IP works.


      Is there some DameWare MRC change that must happen to allow username connection with SSL VPN and what changes must be performed?


      Or might this be something with our organization's centralized server miss-interacting with the SSL VPN, and how would I even tell if our organization uses a centralized server?


      All computers I connect to with MRC have MS Exchange usernames (same as the computer name) but the users work remotely and connect via VPN and their laptops are not within the corporate AD domain.