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    Switch Port Mapper - multiple instances of opertationally 'down' interfaces


      Hi -  I'm looking at the Switch Port Mapper against a four-switch stack of Aruba S2500 Mobility Access Switches. I'm puzzled by some of what I'm being shown. The first three interfaces, ports 0/0/0, 0/0/1 and 0/0/2 are listed over 150 times each. All three are operationally 'down' (CLI 'show interface status' command returns 'not connected'). These are not trunk ports yet they all show many unique MAC addresses and several VLANs for the port, even though they're configured to a single access vlan. I also have the Switch Port Mapper configured to only show ports with a MAC on them - I assume that means the MAC of an attached device, not the MAC of the port itself; in any case, these three ports show over 100 discreet MACs each, as mentioned, referencing a different MAC and VLAN for each instance.


      Other switch ports don't display like this. Any idea why this would show this way?




      Jon Koelker

      Oyster River School District

      Durham, NH