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    Fine Tune CBQoS using NTA 4.3




      I am new on CBQoS and we're planning to implement it soon. We're also planning to get NTA 4.3 to monitor our CBQoS policies.


      How can I leverage on fine tuning my CBQoS policies based on the reports that I will get on the NTA dashboard.


      1. What are the significance of the Pre-policy and Post Policy graph?

      2. What would be a great procedure so that we can fine tune our CBQoS policies based on the NTA data report.

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          Hi Joel,


          NTA latest version is 4.1.1 (not 4.3).


          The pre-policy and post-policy charts are good for understanding how QoS models class data. pre-policy means data arriving to the device and post-policy data where QoS applied limitation/priority. you should compare side by side pre and post policy and see if QoS limits the shape of the incoming traffic (that means QoS limitation was applied). you can also see distribution of traffic into QoS classes which helps you to understand how you have it configured and if you need to move some traffic into some specific class and apply policy. If you haven't you may found How can I monitor QoS policing and shaping? interesting too.