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    SRM 6.1 and HP 3PAR - Was working...


      I'll be brief.


      The moment support for HP 3PAR was finally available, I installed SRM 6.1 for Orion and added the 3PAR as a storage device. Everything was working great!

      We had a switch port malfunction and the CIM failed over to the second controller port which was not plugged in. We lost control of the controller and it took a minute to determine what the problem was.

      Someone had the serial port plugged in instead of the Ethernet on the second controller all along. So the moment it failed over it couldn't communicate anymore. Its a long story!




      During troubleshooting, I removed the SAN from SRM to re-add it. Once we figured out what the real reason was for no longer being able to communicate with the controllers, I wanted to re-add the SAN back to SRM and we're all set.

      We didn't change any settings and we're using the same IP address. VSP is working again and so are the reporting services. We also made sure the SMS-R service (CIM) is enabled and running.



      But every time I attempt to re-join the 3PAR to SRM I get the weird error below:

      "We were able to connect to the device, but no compatible arrays were found. For more information, see <here>."



      Any Ideas???