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    Mail reports sent by report scheduler have the "Export to PDF" hyperlink blank


      Hi all,

      As the title should suggest, in the reports sent via mail by report scheduler, there is the same hyperlink "Export to PDF" which is on the page of the report itsel.. unfortunately that hyperlink is blank (differently from what appears in the webpage).


      Is there a way to have the hyperlink correctly filled in? If not, is there a way to remove the "Export to PDF" thing at all?



      Slightly correlated, is there a way to not display the "Created by Report Writer, can't be edited on the web. » More" banner above the sent report.. I appreciate that orion reminds me the thing, but I don't want IT managers to have that in mail sent reports.



        • Re: Mail reports sent by report scheduler have the "Export to PDF" hyperlink blank

          This "feature" was introduced in V10.7 and still exists in V11.5.

          Report formatting in NPM V8.1 was far cleaner than this.

          My VP could care less if the report cannot be edited on the web - he just wants to see the data!


          How about fixing existing functionality before adding new features?

          We have lost much functionality over the years with the migration of the apps to the Web Gui.


          1. Custom Property editor
          2. Report Writer
          3. Report Scheduler
          4. Right click on a table and export to Excel (data must be copied and pasted into Excel now)
          5. Link back to the node details page on an interface chart


          There are some features and functions used daily that when they are removed, are sorely missed.