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    Upgrade IPAM v3 to v4.3 and move to new Windows 2012 R2 server


      Hey there,


      I need some help for upgrading IPAM v3 to v4.3 as newbie in Solarwinds IPAM. From Solarwinds website, I know it needs to upgrade from v3 to v4.0, and then v4.3.

      Is there anyone can tell me where I can find more information about migration such as how to move it to new server, database migration, or any useful documents.

      For the database migration, is it as simple as backing up current v3 database, importing it to v4.0 through IPAM Database Manager. After that, backing v4.0 up again, and then import to v4.3 through IPAM Database Manager again? Please advise, and thank you in advance.