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    Help with Nvidia driver please


      i was going through my downloads folder deleting things I no longer needed, saw something by Nvidia, clicked it and was asked if I would like to update my driver so I said yes and my screen went black then flickered from black to gray and nothing has came back except my mouse! I have no clue what to do and I'm afraid I may have messed it all up! I haven't tried anything yet because i don't want to make it worse i will be grateful for any suggestions.

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          Can you give us a little more information? Can you see anything on the screen besides the mouse pointer? Is this a server or PC? If a server, can you remote into it via Remote Desktop and see the desktop? If a workstation that can be rebooted, you can try booting into safe mode, then either going to device manager to roll back the driver or the control panel (Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features) and see if that Nvidia driver is listed there and uninstall it.