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    Newly added nodes have OID mismatch and poller status is disabled


      I am using a python script to automatically add nodes but none of the new nodes are being polled until I either manually poll the node, or update some property and refresh the node.  When I look in the poller section, each of the newly added nodes has a poller status of disabled and tells me that the scan result for OIDs returned "Not a Match".  Below is the portion of my script with all properties that I am adding to the node as well as the poller I am using.  There must be another property or something that is missing in order for there the OIDs to match. 

      def ip_to_guid(IPAddress):
        ip = IPAddress.split('.')
        ip_guid = ""
        for part in reversed(ip):
        ip_guid += (format(int(part), '02x'))
        ip_guid += '-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'
        return ip_guid
      def add_nodes_to_solarwinds(npm_server, username, password):
        swis = SwisClient(npm_server, username, password)
        t = (time.strftime("%Y-%m-%d"))
        csv = open('/scripts/VC_SW_Compare/IP_Diff-%s.csv' %t, 'r')
        for ip in csv:
        IP_input = ip.strip()
        EntityType = "Orion.Nodes"
        uri = swis.create(EntityType,
                          IPAddress = IP_input,
                          IPAddressGUID = ip_to_guid(IP_input),
                          Caption = str(IP_input),
                          DynamicIP = False,
                          EngineID = 1,
                          Status = 1,
                          UnManaged = False,
                          Allow64BitCounters = True,
                          ObjectSubType = "ICMP",
                          MachineType = "",
                          VendorIcon = "",
                          RediscoveryInterval = 30,
                          PollInterval = 60,
                          StatCollection = 1,
                          City = "",
                          Managed_Monitored = "Fully Managed",
                          Node_Type = "TBD",
                          ALERT_CPU = 90,
                          ALERT_RAM = 90)
        obj = swis.read(uri)
        # Assign ICMP Poller to the new node created
        pollerUri = swis.create("Orion.Pollers", PollerType = "N.StatusAndResponseTime.ICMP.SendEcho", NetObject="N:" + str(obj["NodeID"]), NetObjectType="N", NetObjectID=obj["NodeID"])