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    SDK Error retrieving AssetInventory-Processors




      The following sql retrieves four records that provide information regarding the AssetInventory-Prcessors:


      select * FROM [dbo].[AssetInventory_Processor] where nodeid = 411;


      The problem is that when i want to retrieve the data using the SDK (Java), only one record is retrieved.


      Any ideas of what is going wrong?


      Furthermore has anyone worked on retrieving the data directly from the database? An example would be great (Java)


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          can you try to use SWQL studio from SDK and run the query that you run from Java also there? Does it also give you only one record instead of expected number?

          Can you try to run following query in SQL directly?


          SELECT [T1].[NodeID] AS C1, [T1].[SpeedMHz] AS C2, [T1].[NumberOfCores] AS C3, [T1].[NumberOfThreads] AS C4, [T1].[Name] AS C5, [T1].[Stepping] AS C6, [T1].[Model] AS C7, [T1].[Caption] AS C8, [T1].[Manufacturer] AS C9
          FROM dbo.AssetInventory_ProcessorView AS T1
          WHERE [T1].[NodeID] = 411

          This is what SWIS executes when you run

          SELECT NodeID, SpeedMHz, NumberOfCores, NumberOfThreads, Name, Stepping, Model, Caption, Manufacturer
          FROM Orion.AssetInventory.Processor
          WHERE NodeID = 411

          throught SDK so they should both give the same results.