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    Multi Tenant Support for DPA


      We monitor a multi-tenant environment for several different clients and would like to give them a "single pane of glass" to view their monitored SQL instances in DPA.


      I am already aware of (and have created) instance groups and individual logins for each customer, limited to just their servers.


      However, unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way to turn off visibility of the Virtualization layers just for those users. As we are multi-tenant, we often host multiple VM's for different clients on the same ESX host and we don't want to allow individual clients to view either:

      - ESX host information

      - Information about other client monitored servers


      This is a big deal for us and we have held off on renewing our maintenance contract because this has now become a deal breaker to using DPA in our enterprise.


      I did submit this as a feature request many months ago but never heard anything more about it.


      Any insight or updates on this would be gratefully appreciated.  DPA is a fantastic product, but the above lack of functionality is killing us.