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    Different Oracle Connectors


      Hi all,

      What is the difference between the three Oracle Auditor connectors in LEM?


      Oracle Auditor - Database

      Oracle Auditor - Syslog

      Oracle Auditor - Windows


      Also, what is the difference with the extended versions of each?

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          I believe that on Linux (maybe all UNIX platforms?), the only(?) way to audit activity in the Oracle database is to send it to a log file. Therefore, we use the Oracle Auditor - Syslog connector to accomplish this.


          I believe that the Oracle Auditor - Windows connector does the same thing with Oracle on the Windows platform.


          I don't know anything about the Oracle Auditor - Database connector but if you start to configure it, you'll notice that is prompts for credentials to the Oracle database as well as time between queries. I haven't tested it myself but if I had to guess, it probably logs into Oracle every so often and queries the built-in audit table for the latest batch of events.