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    LEM server keeps locking our my domain acount. I can't log-in to my pc to do daily jobs.


      Dear all, i recently get my domain account locked every 5minutes,


      Let me give your some background about what happened yesterday,

      I have another WIN server which is also in the domain (it has LAM agent loaded), i create a .bat file on the server to auto delete files with my domain account, as soon as i launch this batch file, my domain account start locking out.

      I then checked AD server event-log, which refer to the LEM server's IP address. Seems like LEM server's trying to get authentiation from AD server for my domain account,

      but because of the 30day password expiration company rule, i ask my coleage to unlock my account this morning and change password this morning,

      but there's no good news after that, my domain account still locking out every 5 mintues which almost drive me nuts.


      Could someone pls give me some clues why LEM is involved in this case ? and how do i bail out my domain account