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    How to Find The User taking up 100s of Idle connections around 2AM each night


      I just downloaded the DPA tool trial and can't figure out how to use it to determine who is grabbing a huge number of idle sessions in the middle of the night for an hour or so before releasing them all.   The "License Compliance" tab of the "Resources" tab shows that the number of inactive sessions spikes way up, but there is no way to drill in to see who (user) or what (sql text) is squatting on all those sessions.


      Also as an aside: I've noticed after using drill-downs on some screens there is no way to go back other than the browser back button.   A "bread crumb" would be nice.   Another issue: Many screens show SQL Text, but not user/schema.    Knowing the SQL Text is great, but without the user/schema I don't know who needs a smack in the back of the head.