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    NPN11.5 has no Alert Suppression tab


      I need the feature. Why was it removed is beyond my understanding! Any known workaround without messing all configurations would be welcomed...

      My setup is a bunch of remote sites, with switches and servers and at least a router in each. My plan is ONE! severe alert rule for each site based on the node that is down (if the router and/or switch are not DOWN, based on location/ip/name, and ONE! critical rule for all routers/switches... =n+1 rules.

      If there is a way to get individual alerts based on groups with a single rule, it would be even better.

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          The answer support will provide will be to use the "Action Manager".  This allows you to keep all of your alerts Enabled yet you can disable the actions they trigger.  I was looking for the same feature once I upgraded and had to reach out to support for clarification.