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    Snmp VLAN inventory turned off




      We are using NPM 11.0, we have noticed that newly build VLAN's on Cisco or on some other nodes VLAN info is incomplete, or lacking. This while during the 'list resources' discovery, VLAN has been checked.


      I have found a simular, discription of a problem, in the Solarwinds Knowledge Base: Discovery of VLAN interfaces is taking too long. How do I disable VLAN interface discovery?   This is the opposite problem. We want to enable VLAN discovery.


      In the NCM settings (via NCM settings -> Node Inventory settings ->


      In the diagnostics file of the poller, I have found this message, that maybe is a root cause of this problem :


      VLANSnmpInventoryStep - NotApplicable (000,00s): [Interfaces SNMP Inventory step is turned off.   


      After that I have checked the discovery.conf file in the ProgramFiles32/SolarWinds/Orion directory, where discovery had the "True" status....


      Does anybody know where I can reenable this Interfaces SNMP Inventory step ?




      Regards,  Sef Konings

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          It could be that your devices are not exposing the correct MIBs to the SNMP response in order for SolarWinds to gather the data. Take a look at this thread:


          How use Topology: Layer 2/3 Poller ?


          About thre quarters of the way down zizi mentions the specific MIBs that Orion uses to gather VLAN information:


          vtpVlanTable =

          vmMembershipSummaryTable =

          dot1qVlanIndex =


          Are these MBS returned if you do a SNMP walk to the devices? If not you may need to enable these in your device config.