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    What's being worked on for WHD 12.4?


      Now that 12.3 is out, I'm curious to know what's being worked on with v12.4 (or whatever the next version is called)?


      I'm sure the last two releases have implemented some great features for others, but I've made little to no use of these features. So I'm quite curious to see what's in the pipeline.


      Although I have quite a few feature requests out there (some highly voted here, but I understand this isn't the only place where Solarwinds tracks feature requests), my two biggest requests are here: Canned Tech Notes / Standard Reply and FAQS linked to multiple request types

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          I really think WHD needs an overhaul in the notes and editor department.  So  many of the competitors have in-line screenshots with ability to drag & drop or paste right into the text body.  The attachment capability for images is pretty poor.  Its one reason we have considered moving away from WHD

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              Got my vote.




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                I agree to Matt8, it would be very useful / helpful if it would be possible for users and technicians to copy and past a screenshot into WHD, but also in FAQ as well.




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                  Agreed with matt8 on screenshot attachments. Clients should be able to both copy/paste and drag & drop images into the editor. It would greatly reduce the number of tickets we get that include nothing more than "see email" in the description.

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                  I don't mind the notes/editor, but I would really like to be able to drag/drop attachments instead of having to use the upload button for each attachment. It's the little things that matter...

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                    There are some very basic features missing from WHD that you'll find in most other solutions.  A few on my list are:


                    We should be able to CC a ticket with an Action Rule instead of having to create an ugly text based email I have to build field by field


                    Being able to report on Clients seems like a no brainer.  I should be able to run a report and see who my heavy hitters are in terms of tickets


                    Reservable assets - Its a great feature for my clients to reserve an asset but WHD doesn't notify me when one is entered so its not a feature I have enabled

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                      What I don't understand is why the text editor for creating a FAQ is so much better than the editor for ticket notes.  Doing any sort of formatting in ticket notes is a pain and reminds me when I was a teenager posting on web forums and getting all crazy with the forum web code to make the text look fancy.  I mean seriously its 2015, why do I still need to add <b> tags to make the text bold in ticket notes?  I'd also like it if the text was larger, sometimes I find myself squinting while reading ticket notes.  The default size just seems a tad bit too small for me.


                      One other thing that really needs help are the emails that are sent to clients.  The ticket notes need to be at the top of the e-mail message, not down at the bottom below info the client doesn't care about.  Do my clients really care about the ticket request type, due date, asset number and model info?  No, they only need the latest note I added.  Nobody is going to scroll through a long e-mail for just a few minor ticket notes, and it ultimately just contributes to corporate spam.  If I add a note to a ticket and send it off as an e-mail I don't want the entire ticket history included on each update, just the most recent notes are fine.  Because of these shortfalls I don't rely on WHD e-mails to communicate with our clients, I just call or e-mail them directly.  I'd really like it if the e-mail updates were more informative with pertinent info for our clients.


                      Sorry if that turned into a complaint rant...but these would be nice improvements!

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                          I agree to aaron22 about the how WHD creates e-mails.


                          It is important to use WHD to send and receive e-mails. This ensures that all communications is documented in a single place. But the way WHD creates e-mails is not user friendly. To scroll down a good bit to get the actual new information is not acceptable. Also many users checking their e-mail on smartphones and tablets, which means that the unnecessary formatted e-mail is really difficult the read for a user.


                          All this does not help to communicate with the user effectively. Maybe this can be changed and amended in the next version?




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                            I think that the client emails in 12.3 can be formatted the way you want, since that is essentially what we have done.


                            In Setup/Email/Templates/Open Ticket Greeting, we made the Template field (the top of the email) this:


                            <first_name>, thanks for using the help desk. You can check the status of your ticket (<ticket_id>) at <login_url>

                            You can either reply to this ticket email to provide updates, or go directly to https://helpdesk.domain.com and click the <u><b>History</b></u> button to find this ticket (or any of your tickets) and update it.


                            Location: <location>, room: <room>

                            Request type: <request_type>

                            Subject: <subject>


                            That puts the Location & Room/Request Type/Subject each on one line at the top of the email.

                            In Setup/Email/Options, we have Client E-mail Layout set as:

                            Single -Note E-Mail, Include Recipient Section - yes (so we see who received the emails at the very bottom of the email).

                            Full-Ticket E-Mail, Style: Simple, Note Limit: No Limit, Reveal Tech E-Mail Addresses-yes


                            This gives us a brief paragraph at the top of the email with 5 lines, then the notes, which appear with the most recent note on top.


                            Is that what you were asking for? If you really didn't want even those 5 lines at the top, you can edit the Template and make it even briefer.


                            I agree on the text editor for notes, I wish it was like the new text editor for FAQ's.