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    VMAN 6.3.0 RC1 Information Requested


      So I've seen VMAN 6.3.0 RC1 in the portal for a couple days now, but I've yet to see any Release Notes for it (Seems to be a trend with a lot of the RC's lately.  NPM 11.5.2 is in RC2 stage now and still has no notes...).  They are either posted somewhere I don't know to look or they don't exist.  I downloaded the upgrade hoping there would some additional info in there (NCM 7.4 RC2 at least has a text file with two known issues mentioned in it for example) but it just has the standard Upgrade instruction documents in it, nothing specific to the 6.3 RC1 release. 


      I know some of these RC's lately are just service pack releases, but its hard to make a decision on whether to install them or not without at least a little bit of info.  Normally I'd say just throw it on a test box and poke around, but with a service pack release I doubt I would even notice any changes since I assume there are just bug fixes.


      So if someone at SolarWinds can provide some info or a link to the actual RC Release Notes that would be much appreciated.  Even just a brief text document with some bullet points, please.



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          Thanks for installing the RC, Im looking forward to hearing your feedback.  Here are the release notes for Virtualization Manager 6.3.  I will follow-up with the link to the URL once it is available.





          SolarWinds Virtualization Manager v6.3 and Integrated Virtual Infrastructure Monitor (IVIM) v2.1 Release Notes


          Updated 06/09/2015

          These release notes provide guidance for SolarWinds Virtualization Manager v6.3 and Integrated Virtual Infrastructure Monitor (IVIM) v2.1 Release.

          All versions prior to v6.0 and all Windows versions of Virtualization Manager have entered the End-Of-Life (EOL) cycle. View the SolarWinds EOL Policy online.

          To determine the correct upgrade path to follow, see this KB article.

          As of SolarWinds Virtualization Manager v6.2, the license you have to apply to your product consists of two parts. For detailed instructions about applying the license, see the License Management in Virtualization Manager version 6.2 KB article.

          As of SolarWinds Virtualization Manager v6.2, data collection through SSH is removed. Instead of SSH data collection, use the per virtual disk graphs. For the list of graphs that are affected by the removal of SSH data collection, see this KB article.

          Upgrading your Virtualization Manager Appliance and IVIM

          You can upgrade to Virtualization Manager v6.3 from Virtualization Manager v6.0 or later.

          You can upgrade to standalone IVIM v2.1 from IVIM version 2.0.


          New Features and Improvements

          Fixed Issues

          Open Issues

          SolarWinds Virtualization Manager End of Life

          Version History


          New Features and Improvements

          SolarWinds Virtualization Manager v6.3 and Integrated Virtual Infrastructure Monitor (IVIM) 2.1 include the following new features and improvements:

          • New management actions in the Orion Web Console
            • Ability to migrate a virtual machine to a different host
            • Ability to migrate virtual machine disks to a different datastore or shared cluster volume
            • Ability to change the memory and CPU resources allocated to a virtual machine
            • Ability to delete a virtual machine
            • Ability to unregister virtual machine in a VMware environment
          • Virtualization sprawl management actions in the Orion Web Console
            • Add or remove CPU
            • Add or remove RAM
            • Delete virtual machines
            • Delete orphaned VMDKs
            • Delete snapshots
            • Power off virtual machines
          • Ability to perform VM management actions directly from the resources on the VM Sprawl page.
          • New Orion alert actions that can be performed on virtual machines when an alert is triggered. The available actions include the following:
            • Moving a VM to a different host or storage
            • Managing the snapshots of a VM
            • Managing the power state of a VM
            • Changing the resource allocation of a VM
          • New virtualization resources in the Orion Web Console providing information about virtualization alerts, potential virtualization issues, orphaned VMDKs, and recommendations for improved performance and optimal capacity.

          Fixed Issues

          IssueCase Number
          Issue with receiving host sample data from the vCenter.731946
          VM memory swap alerts show different results in Virtualization Manager and SAM.769910
          Volume polling fails on certain operating systems if the integration with Virtualization Manager is enabled.753891, 762190, 765830, 766553, 774932, 777699
          When multiple monitored nodes share similar device IDs, the Component Volumes resource on the Storage subview of a node displays duplicate entries.-
          Virtual machines trigger extraneous notifications which result in MSQM flooding and decreased performance.771114
          Virtualization Manager reports high memory utilization.-

          Known Issues

          IssueCase Number
          The Node Details resource in IVIM displays the number of CPUs as 0.388019
          Issue with proxy settings when connecting to a VMware host.218690
          Consumption widget displays incorrect information after a resource reaches an outage threshold.232503
          Reports are not saved when the number of columns exceeds 256.362153
          Scheduled reports are saved with an earlier time stamp.395429
          Search containing values with dashes returns incorrect results.390471
          Alert records do not get cleared after the alert is disabled.530770
          Issue with IOPS graphs: certain sample values collected by VMware sample jobs are invalid.543283, 636070
          Issue with the Host partition storage free space alert on ESX volumes.629903, 630051
          Notification about an expired IVIM license is displayed even if NPM or SAM is fully licensed.750740
          When hiding a VM management action, the Hide button only hides the outermost window.-
          After migration from host to host, the VM is present on both hosts.-
          Issue with alert actions being triggered twice. The issue occurs when editing an existing alert and changing the alert action, but it does not occur if only the alert condition is edited.-


          SolarWinds End of Life Policy

          SolarWinds Virtualization Manager versions 5.1.1 and below are no longer supported. Customers on those versions should transition to version 6.0 or above.

          View the SolarWinds EOL Policy online.

          Version History


          SolarWinds Virtualization Manager Version 6.2

          SolarWinds Virtualization Manager Version 6.1.1

          SolarWinds Virtualization Manager Version 6.1

          SolarWinds Virtualization Manager Version 6.0.1

          SolarWinds Virtualization Manager Version 6.0

          SolarWinds Virtualization Manager Version 5.1.1

          SolarWinds Virtualization Manager Version 5.1.0

          SolarWinds Virtualization Manager Version 5.0.3

          SolarWinds Virtualization Manager Version 5.0.1

          SolarWinds Virtualization Manager Version 5.0