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    Additional Days Offset


      Can someone explain to me how this works? I have tried to run through every scenario and I can't find a way to use this correctly.

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          This is often with for scheduling an update management wizard task so that you could (for example) set that task to install "all needed approved updates" to a particular group and have it run "3 days after the second tuesday"   ...  so basically patch tuesday happens, updates get approved during the week (either automatically or manually), the machines go ahead and download the binary content for them, and then on Friday the machines will install them at the scheduled time.


          For that scenario, i would set the first box to "Second", the next box to "Friday", and the "Additional days offset" to 3.


          EDIT!:    that last line should read:   ...  I would set the first box to "Second", the next box to "Tuesday" and the "Additional days offset" to 3.

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              But if you have scheduled the task already for the Second Friday of the month, why do you need the Additional Days Offset parameter? Surely the task will run on the Second Friday anyway because of the first two config items?


              Or do you mean set the task for Second Tuesday with an Additional Offset of Three days, which then moves the running of the task from the Tuesday to the Friday? You could then use this for your Test Environment, and use another task of First Tuesday with an Offset of Ten days for the Production Environment ( assuming you patch a week later).