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    No Node ID for New Node with SWIS


      Hi Twack!


      So I am having an issue where I cannot query a Node ID when I create a new Node through SWIS.

      Here is a snippet of the code that I am using....


      #Create the Node
      my $response = $swis->Create("Orion.Nodes", $nodeproperties);
      $swis_response = $swis->QueryXml('SELECT NodeID from ORION.Nodes Where NodeName=@NodeName', {'NodeName'=>$nodename});
      my $custom_prop = $swis_xml->parse($swis_response);
      print Dumper($custom_prop);


      It successfully creates the node and I can see the node in the Database with a Node ID, NodeName, IPAddress, as well as some other custom attributes. I also see the new node in the GUI, although it is not polling yet.


      The sql query works fine on other nodes. It will grab the Node ID of any other node.


      Why cant I query the new node's ID through SWIS?


      Thanks in advance,