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    Problems adding multiple email addresses to alerts (NPM 11.5)


      I've just installed Orion NPM 11.5 and am attempting to configure the default send email action.  However I'm unable to add multiple recipients to a field.


      The page instructs me to separate multiple addresses with a semicolon, but I've been unable to get it to accept input.  I've tried:


      user1@domain.com;user2@domain.com (counts this as all one address)

      user1@domain.com; user2@domain.com (counts the semicolon as part of user1's email address)

      user1@domain.com ; user2@domain.com (counts the semicolon as its own address).


      See recipient examples 1-3 (attached) to see what I mean.

      If I just type the two email addresses with a space between them they both show up fine, however if I click Send Test Email I get:



      *Please specify valid Reply Address and Email To (CC,BCC) parameters


      The Reply Address is currently at solarwinds@domain.com.


      If I instead skip the test and just click USE AS DEFAULT then it just refreshes the page and the Default Recipients field turns red, indicating a problem there (see attachment recipient-error1.jpg).


      How must I enter these values so the form will accept them? If it was just user1 and user2 I could put one in To: and the other in Cc:, however I have a third user that needs to be added as well.  Thanks in advance.