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    WHD Certification




      I was wondering if there are any plans to offer a certification in WHD.




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          Peter Krutý

          There are no plans at this very moment. What would be the content of certification you are looking for Diane? I'm also curious why are you looking for certification, what would you hope to achieve by having it?

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              Hi Peter:


              Thank you for the follow up.  I was curious about certification as a way to boost the portfolio of services I can provide my clients.   I'm currently doing independent contract work within the ITSM / Service Desk space. My background is process heavy and I would like to expand my knowledge in the tool arena to round out my skillset.  Certifications are often the foot in the door a consultant needs to be considered for a deal.  As there is a Solarwinds Certified Professional certification available, I just wondered if there were plans in the works to expand certification to the WHD side.


              Once again, thank you for the follow up.


              Thanks, Diane