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    'All Groups' resource - possible to filter?


      For a specific view, I want to add the 'All Groups' widget, but only display certain groups.

      E.g. we have parent groups for applications, firewalls etc. In this instance I only wish to display the top-level applications group, and its contents. I was expecting there to be a way to filter this via SQL, but that option does not seem to exist for this widget, see attached image.

      Is there any way to accomplish this?

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          Unfortunately the 'All Groups' resource cannot be filtered. The only way to achieve this, whilst using the 'all groups' resource, is by using account'/view limitations.


          If you add a limitation to view only the groups you're interested in, all the other groups will be hidden. Test this, though, as you may end up barring access to those node in the groups you've filtered out in this way! You may want to look at creating a separate 'NOC' view for this, which doesn't impact your existing Orion users.

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              I know this is an old post, but I can't get the instructions to work for me.  I applied the filter and determined that the account cannot click on and see the details of the groups they aren't supposed to see, but I cannot get it to not display them in the All Groups resource.

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                  You need to fill this bit out in user admin.




                  Then pick an option that best meets your needs.

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                      This is what I did, but it's not working.


                      Add Group of Groups limitation.



                      This is what they see.



                      If they click on the group they have access to, the page opens.  if they click on any of the others, they get the following.  The limitation keeps them from seeing the detail, but doesn't keep them from seeing the listing under All Groups.

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                          Hmm.. that could be a bug in the 'All Groups' resource within new UI, although I'd have to test it myself to see if I can replicate it.


                          The fact that the users cannot access any of the nodes within the groups they shouldn't be able to see, means the limitation is working on a macro scale, just not within the 'All Groups' resource itself.


                          As a workaround, you could use the 'All Nodes' resource instead, and use some Custom Properties to organise the way the All Nodes view is grouped. What you could do is create a new CP for filtering, call it something like "Node Role" to replicate the device role groups, and then another for "Environment" to replicate your group names for "HI_Prod" etc. You can then use these to filter the 'All Nodes' resource.


                          To do this, you'd create a new view for the limited user(s), instead of 'All Groups', use the 'All Nodes' resource, preview the view and use the 'edit' button on the 'aAll Nodes' resource (when logged in as the user who has manage views rights) to group this resource using the CPs mentioned above in the first and second groupings.


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                    I also would found it usable -- hence "Idea" https://thwack.solarwinds.com/ideas/6745

                    Please consider vote for it.